What Do You Get with TIME Edge?

Lexile®-leveled nonfiction text
Aligned to state and national standards
Spanish translation
Formative assessments
STEM articles
Standards aligned teachers' guides
Cross-curricular teaching
Interactive features such as videos, polls, and timelines
Paired text articles and debate questions
Audio read alouds
90+ years of TIME magazine
Access to printables, graphic organizers and more!

Quality Nonfiction Text at an Affordable Price

Number of Students Price
10-149 $7.49
150-299 $7.12  (5% OFF!)
300+ $6.74  (10% OFF!)
save up to 10%

Why TIME Edge in Your Classroom?

The Information Students Want, Delivered the Way They Need It

TIME Edge offers current content that students are excited to read—delivered on a platform that prepares them for learning beyond the classroom. All content is written for middle school grade levels but can be tailored to individual learners. Teachers can assign text at different Lexile┬« ranges suited for grades 6-8 to accommodate below-grade-level readers. Spanish translation and audio also is available for ELL and auditory learners.

Connect the Classroom to Current Events

TIME Edge is designed to create fluid learning experience that places the concepts students are learning across the curriculum in the context of the real world. Imagine following election coverage while teaching women's suffrage in social studies, studying history's most influential speeches in ELA, and learning about global warming in science.

This 360-degree approach to learning teaches students to make connections with the world around them. Understanding the connections between people, places, and events leads to better students and global citizens.

Put Learning in Context

TIME Edge subscriptions include exclusive access to the TIME Vault. Here, teachers can pair more than 90 years of primary-source archived content with current text. This helps bring the learning experience full circle and helps students view events through the persceptive of historical happenings.

In blending these authentic texts, students begin to understand the cause and effect relationships of the world they live in. They also build important knowledge that will begin to shape their understanding of future events.

Help Educators Work Better, Together

With TIME Edge, teachers have access to ready-to-use lesson plans right at their fingertips. TIME Edge adds as many as 10 primary source articles weekly, complete with informative teacher guide's, close-reading prompts, printables, and more. All lessons are aligned with state and national standards, including the Common Core focus on content-rich, evidence-based text.

TIME Edge content spans subject areas for use in individual classrooms or across the entire school. Educators can use it to collaborate with their colleagues and build cross-curricular lessons. Then teachers can circle back to assess and report on the learning experience.

Take Learning to Another Level

TIME Edge articles are more than stories; they're experiences. The experts at TIME craft high-value, high-interest articles paired with tools to support differentiated learning.

These tools encourage students to dig deeper into subject matter after reading informational text. Feature articles are accompanied by engaging videos, live polls, eye-catching graphs and time lines, quizzes, and more, to create a dynamic, cross-curricular learning experience.

For Any Teacher, in Any Classroom

TIME Edge creates a blended learning experience that takes place in class and online. The digital platform is suited for whole-class instruction, independent learning, project-based learning and 1:1 instruction. Students can explore assigned text at their own pace or in small groups and then bring that knowledge back to the classroom to spark discussion and debate.